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Wicker Furniture

Wicker is made of a variety of vines, grasses, and plants that are woven into the furniture. The four major types are rattan, reed, willow, and bamboo. Wicker furniturefirst became popular during the Victorian era, when its smooth lines and curves were valued for their design and cleanliness. Its popularity made its way to the United States through European immigrants, and eventually Americans adopted and adapted the furniture to fit their own needs and styles. In 1995 the Smithsonian did a wicker retrospective and the trend resurfaced, once again in Europe first, then the States. Also just as before, Americans took the European styles and reinvented them to create a fashionable, utilitarian approach to wicker.

The tightly woven and smaller designs that are often still associated with wicker furniture have given way to larger, brighter pieces. Chairs and sofas are often found in brick red, hunter green, or golden yellow, and boast wider seats and comfortable cushions.

Wicker has even made the leap from mere furniture to walls. Designers have been weaving walls from quarter-inch split cane. These walls are often used as a seamless transfer from an indoor room to an outdoor room. Instead of a noticeable break from outside to inside, the use of wicker walls along with coordinating colors and textures creates a natural flow.

Wicker has become more and more appealing to men, who enjoy its simplicity and sturdiness. However, when choosing wicker furniture, it is important to choose a woven material that is dense. Light wicker is unsteady and unreliable. It is also important to find furniture that is made on a hardwood or rattan frame to increase its sturdiness and durability. Higher quality wicker will not crack or peel, but cheaper versions might split, leaving stray pieces that will poke your skin. Also, if your wicker is going to be placed on a patio, look for specially-treated furniture made with molded resin or coated with plastic. These materials will protect the furniture from the sun and humidity.

It used to be that you simply mentioned the phrase "wicker furniture" and most people cringed. However, this is certainly not the case anymore. This type of furniture, once a thing of the past, has recently been gaining much popularity in the furniture world. Its versatility and distinctiveness set it apart from the rest of the industry. Whether you set two wicker chairs on your patio to enhance the wooden setting surrounding them, or you pair the furniture with an elegant wooden table in the living room, it is a key asset to beautify your home.

Wicker is not what it used to be. A modification from the traditional plain and discomforting furniture designs, wicker today fashions chic and comfy furniture pieces that work well with many different decoration schemes. The colors and sizes of this type of furniture have obtained a splendid range, allowing you to pair it with almost anything inside or outside your home. Today's innovative designs draw in the market of youth, men, and women, and often offers great pieces of furniture for pets. Whether you're seeking distinctiveness, simplicity, or an exotic vibe, wicker furniture can match your desires.

Choosing the best wicker for your home is very essential. Making a faulty choice can lead to you to spending hundreds of dollars on adorning your trashcan. The best wicker is set on hardwood frames. The wicker itself should be a dense woven material; this will guarantee its durability, compared to wicker of lighter weight. Specifically, outdoor furniture should be weather resistant and should be able to endure harsh rays of the sun in the summer. Furniture that is specially treated will definitely assure the lastingness of the material.

Furniture made from wicker comes in a variety of pieces, including love seats, coffee tables, rockers, sofas, bedroom furniture, chaise lounges, lamps, bookshelves, bar stools, children's furniture, dining tables, and more. The amount of items that can be paired with wicker is endless, which makes this type of furniture a versatile piece for anyone's house.

Once you have purchased your wicker furniture, it is important to gain an understanding of how to uphold and clean your furniture. Wicker has to methodically be dusted or wiped with a soft cloth. A vacuum with a smooth-surfaced attachment will succeed as well. If you happen to come across a misfortune such as spilling juice or food stains on your wicker, you can get rid of them by using a mild soap diluted in water. When applying it to the wicker, make sure your cloth is not drenched. Stains and spills also have to be wiped away gently in order to refrain from discoloring, breaking, or scratching the wicker. Make sure you clean your wicker every two to three weeks to ensure the long life of your furniture.

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