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Wicker Standing Lamp: Rattanland Masterpiece

By: Niez

Rattanland is always improving the products to follow the market demand. One of improvement is by making standing lamp and weaving it with wicker. We need lamp to make our room brighter when it is getting dark and also to give a special touch in the room with the light and the lamp models. Now standing lamp is having a big part in the interior design world to change a home into a luxury mansion.

Standing lamp that Rattanland produce is slim, tall and having high sense of art. Rattanland is having so many lamp models, one of them is Guyana wicker standing lamp. Guyana standing lamp is very beautiful if we put it in the corner of the room or maybe on the lobby of the hotel. Guyana is tall and on the inside is put the white cover to make the shade effect on the lamp light. You can put 3 or 4 lamp in the Guyana wicker standing lamp to make it look beautiful, the light of the standing lamp will be romantic looking with the shade from white cover.

The second standing lamp is Wooden-standing lamp, it is very ethnic looking because Wooden Standing lamp is made from teak for the frame and weaving by wicker that weave randomly. The Javanese touch of the Wooden standing lamp make this lamp very popular. The pyramid shape make this lamp model will always love by customer who love the ethnic lamps. You can put one lamp only or two to make this standing lamp brighter and romantic.

The third lamp is Pyramid wicker standing lamp, it is very simple lamp, and the frame is made by the metal, so it is very strong, and weave with random pattern wicker. This design to put in the corner of the room or hotel lobby or even to put in the side of the armchair or replace the end table on the living room. The dark color of the Pyramid standing lamp will make the light more ethnic and beautiful.

There are many choices in Rattanland for Standing lamp, from wicker weave, banana leaf weaves, or seagrass weave. Standing lamp is also can be choose for the filler in the container, because it is slim and also tall so it can be filled the empty space on the container. Standing lamp is also can be put in your restourant to make your restourant more beautiful, luxury and elegant.
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