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Why You Should Purchase Cane Furniture

Many people want to add wicker furniture pieces in their collection of home features. However, not many are aware of the fact that the term “wicker” does not refer to the material that is used for furniture making. Rather, it refers to the actual weave pattern used in the construction of the furniture piece.  

Basically, wicker furniture is made from a wide selection of materials. While the usual core frame of wicker furniture pieces is made of rattan, the most common choices for the materials for weaving are rattan, cane, bamboo, paper fiber rush and reed. Each of these materials differs widely in terms of the appearance and durability. 

Among these varieties of wicker furniture, it seems that a cane furniture piece is most preferred by many furniture collectors around the globe. Included in the list of the common reasons why cane pieces are a top choice are the following. 

Unique and stylish 

The art of making cane furniture comes from South East Asia. Furniture makers point out that hand-woven cane pieces can only be made by the finest craftsmen who have traditional skills in weaving. As such, it is apparent that cane furniture pieces poses designs that are extremely oriental and unique. 

Other than that, since cane furniture pieces are made out of natural materials such as rattan and cane, they exhibit a distinctive tropical aura that is perfect for outdoor settings such as gardens, front yards, and conservatories. Moreover, cane furniture designs never run out of style.  

Durable and long lasting 

Cane furniture pieces make use of the rattan palm which typically grows in Indonesia and other tropical countries in South East Asia. Basically, both the rattan peal and core are used in making cane furniture. Such materials are extremely durable. In fact, the rattan has been acknowledged as one of strongest woods around the globe. 

Other than durability, rattan cane is highly applicable for furniture making, primarily because it is more pliable and it doesn’t easily fall apart. Unlike reed and bamboo which are prone to snapping and breaking when bent too much during the furniture weaving process, cane materials are both durable and easily bent.  

Easy to maintain 

Unlike most wooden furniture materials that require expensive cleaners such as conditioners, furniture wax, mineral spirits, and synthetic turpentine, you can easily clean cane furniture pieces using slightly damp cloth. Occasional water sprays may also help. 

Aside from the fact that the regular care procedures for cane pieces are quite simple, repairing machine-woven cane furniture pieces is also very easy. Such can be done in the comfort of one’s home. Splines, frames, pre-woven cane sheets, and other materials used for cane furniture restoration are also readily available in local craft boutiques.

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