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Why don't you put accessories in your Container

By: Niez

Do you ever order some big sized furniture like cupboard, chest drawers and big sofas? You will only get a small quantities and not only that, those item prices are higher because the shipment is same as you buy dining chairs and small sized furnitures. Sometimes after your container arrived at your warehouse, the goods condition is not as good as you expected because it having some mark or even damage. This damage or mark usually happened to big sized furniture in the container, so there are so many empty space that made the goods moved when it shipped.

If you not experienced buyer that want a big furnitures from Rattanland, you can try to buy a fulfiller to put the empty space in your container. There so many small things that you can try to order like lamp, vase, tray, bench, mirror, stool, laundry box, carpet, candle holder and other things that maybe you have a custom accessories. This accessories and small things can prevent your goods damage when it shipped. For example, round tray or rectangular tray set of 3, it can be put in the drawers of your chest order or inside the cupboard or between your sofa that put upside down in the container. There are so many way to make your goods damage if you are not put fulfiller on the container.

There are magazine rack that you can choose the models in the website, please visit in rattanland website in the racks and storage. You can sell it separately or in set with other furniture, example if your client want to buy sofa or a complete living set, you can set it with the magazine rack, or corner rack. So you can have two benefit by ordering accessories, you can prevent your goods from damage, because when the loading is very tight inside the container it will make your container more safe from damage. And you can still sell the accessories with a good price.

Rattanland accessories are not expensive for small accessories, I am sure you and the marketing can negociate the price, and they will give you the best price for fulfilled your container. Rattanland is very helping you if you are a first time buyer, and it is more better if you can come and visit the factory, you can choose all the accessories that you want. And for your information that the accessories material can be change as you want.(^_^)

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