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VICTORIA Rattan Peel Living Set: Old Design will Change your Interior

By: Niez

Victoria Living set is a Living set with old design made by rattan peel weaving. The peel is used to be found in the old furniture belong to our parents. It is made by material that not too popular now days, but it is still have a good response from some customer, but we have to choose the best design which is different from old one.

Victoria Living set is design for your living set, where you can feel comfort while you relax after you work and watch television. It is having a newspaper rack in the side of the chair and sofa. As you see in the website, Victoria Living set is having no coffee table, so you can combine your living room with other models, something universal. Like wooden coffee table, it is universal but still has a good taste to put in to your living room.

The A pattern weaving is made to make Victoria Living set having it is own personality. You can also put one of the chairs in your bedroom, and add with ottoman. It is relax, and beautiful where you can put newspaper, magazine or your novel while you need relaxing. Victoria living set is not one of latest models of Rattanland, but it is still having a good respond from the customer, because the design is different with other living set. It is have a build in news paper rack, with simple design, with small curve on the top of the back.

The Arms of the chair is put the mahogany to make the chair look stronger and beautiful without left the sophisticated feel in the living room. This living set is taking time on the weaving production, the weaving is tight, and Rattanland have to be careful to weave it and attached it to the frame of the chairs.

On the picture, the cushion back is made in pillows. It is made to make you can see the beauty of the weave, but if you don’t like it, you can ask Rattanland to use big back cushion to cover all the back. The treatment of the peel is very easy also, just rub the weave with wet napkin to remove the dust, or if you found any termites, you can use kerosene. So now you don’t have any doubt to use this Victoria Living Set to make your interior looks old fashioned but still has a high taste and change your interior into a home feel.
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