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To Claim your damage order

By: Niez

Are you importer, wholesaler or retailer whose buy furniture from Indonesia, especially from Cirebon? Do you ever having a problem when you open the container and found some or all the goods that you ordered were damage or different with what your have been order in the Purchase Order (PO)? If yes you have to check some list first:

Is the damage because of the container having a problem?

If the container is damage, leak, or because when the shipping, you can tell your supplier that the container is having a problem and they can contact the shipping company how to fix the problem.

Is your furniture construction good?

Check the construction of your furniture, whether it is having a problem if it is broken, or the wood were bent, maybe the joint is not good. You can tell the supplier that the frame is not having a good construction and because it was broken when it shipped.

Is the color or cushions same as in the PO?

You have to sure that the color or cushion is same as you want, you have to keep sample, ask your supplier to make two sample color and you keep one of them, so when it different with your sample you can claim it.

Are you already warned the supplier about the entire conditional if there are a problem with your goods after you received the container?

You have to make a note or agreement that there were some conditional to make your furniture, about the size, color, shape, and construction. So if the furniture is different with what you want and order, you can claim it.

Make a statement and agreement that if there was a problem after you open the container, you can get discount or replacement from your supplier.

The important thing to make a claim is, you have to provide a photograph as a proof, like the container, you have to photo the seal number, the container number and don’t forget when you open the container, so your supplier will believe and get win win solution for you as customer and them, as supplier. Rattanland is always invite the customer especially new customer to come to discuss about the term and policy, so you dont have to be worry, everything can be discussed.

Take a camera every time you get the container, it will be your record to see how well your supplier to make your order. Don’t forget to discuss with your supplier about everything like quality, quantity and guarantees after you received the goods. It also will keep you relationship with your customer.(^_^)

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