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The Real Rattan is Indonesia

By: Neez

What's on your mind about Indonesia when we mention the name? Maybe you will think about the beautiful country with so many beautiful places and cultures and lots of smile from the peoples. Indonesia is a country with so many islands and seas, that’s why Indonesia is also known as maritime country. Indonesia is divide by thousands island, and you still can find so many forest in some island like Sumatra, Kalimantan, and also Sulawesi Island.

And not forget that from the forest you can find one of the biggest export commodities from Indonesia, and that is rattan. Rattan is one of the popular forestry commodities from Indonesia, and you can even find rattan as snack in Sumatra! Indonesia was producing rattan furniture from 70s, and it was begun famous in late 90s until today. Indonesian chamber of commerce want to introduce more about Indonesia rattan furniture with the real rattan is Indonesia campaigns. With this campaign Indonesia hope that people from all over the world is know that rattan furniture means Indonesia, and Indonesia means you can find the rattan furniture very easy.

And also in Cirebon, even you can find the forest here, most of the people can make the furniture, one of the joke said that Cirebonese can make rattan furniture since they were in their cradle. You can find the rattan furniture design originality from Indonesia, you can find from the classics design and also minimalist and futuristic designs, you can find the big, small and so many things of rattan furniture stuff you can find here.

Indonesia rattan furniture is pure handmade, machine is not the main tool to making the furniture, that is why you can find the uniqueness in every part of the furniture. And Rattanland as one of the best rattan furniture exporter from Indonesia want to be part of the real rattan is Indonesia campaign. Rattanland is always offer the latest, the best and the most exclusive rattan furniture, you can find living set, dining set and bedroom set here, you are invited to be one of Rattanland customer.

Rattanland want to make the campaign succeed with making so many beautiful rattan furnitures and also support with experienced human resources and also helpful marketing that will always help you and will make you impress with Rattanland work. We will be happy after getting your report that you were impressed with our work and making the second and another order. Let's come to Indonesia where you can find the real rattan.

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