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The Process of Making Rattan Furniture

By: Niez


If you see the rattan furniture at your house which is beautiful and antiques maybe you don’t know how it process from raw material until it is done and ready to put at everyone house. The process is taking time about 45 days from the beginning until ready to be shipped.

When Rattanland is having your order, marketing will discuss it with production department. The Production will process it by see the models, material and also the complexity of the furniture. After that Rattanland begins to select the material which is need for the furniture. For example Liverpool chair, it means Rattanland need mahogany wood for the frame and rattan with 3-4mm fitrit. The fitrit is also having two tones and randomly weave. So production separate the material to be colored in black and other is remaining natural. Before the weaving framing of the Liverpool chair will be construct and also check with QC people to see strengthen of the frame. And after that the frame is ready to weave.

The weaving will be takes two or one week or more. And the QC will check again to see the stability and also the shape of the furniture. After that Liverpool Chair ready to finish with paint, sometimes Rattanland use NC or melamic color. The QC for color will check again to see whether the color is same as the sample or as per you required.

When the QC finished checking of the furniture already done, the packing crew will be packed the furniture. The packing will be in Rattanland standard by using single face paper, but sometimes for the wooden dining chair using boxes. Especially for Liverpool chair is using single face paper and to protect the wooden edge is putting the Styrofoam.

And if its wrap it will tie with plastic tie to make sure that the wrapping is strong. And then the chair will be put in the warehouse and ready to ship. At the loading time, the furniture will arrange into the container and give some fumigation to kill all the insects and germs. This process taking almost 45 days, and when it shipped to your country, example Australia it will takes two weeks in the sea, and adds with quarantine, maybe you will get the furniture to your warehouse after 3 months.

That’s the process of making rattan furniture in the underlines, the process is more complicated if the style more complicated. But Rattanland always want the best for the client and customer, and the process are important same as the end goal.


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