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The Marvelous MARYLAND, FREEMONT & LEGEND Wicker Armchair

By: Niez

If you want the armchair to be an occasional chair that can be put anywhere in your house or even in the hotel room for accent and these armchair is having their own beauty for each models and style. Rattanland is always trying to make something beautiful that can be accepted by every customer and also not forget about the style and materials.

The Maryland, Freemont, and Legend wicker armchairs are classics styles and old collections from Rattanland, but these models is timeless so you don’t have to be afraid that it will be look old and not suitable for your home or for the hotels and resorts.

Maryland wicker armchair is very beautiful one; it is having some ornament with many binding in the arm side. The back is also not covered by wicker but shaped to be curve so you can see it some of the back is not weaving. This is large armchair, so you can put the thick and big cushion in beige or white to make the armchair look stronger and you can put it in your bedroom and put the small wooden end table, this chair will be ready to make your room colorful.

The Freemont wicker armchair is almost same as the Maryland wicker armchair, the difference is in the binding on the arm side, if you don’t like with many accent on the armchair, and you can replace the Maryland wicker armchair for your corner side room. The Freemont wicker armchair is in Pecan glaze color or dark color, so it is better for you to choose lighter color for the fabric cushion just like the Maryland wicker armchair.

The last model is Legend wicker armchair, it is not all made by wicker weaving, but some of it is made from rattan core that bent to be curve and gave the beautiful ornament for the chair. The wicker part is only for the bottom side of the armchair. And not only that the wicker part on the bottom side is also having diamond motive to make the armchair look wonderful.

These armchairs is very suitable for you who like the big and full ornament armchair, you can put them together in your home in different room, you can put the Maryland in your porch, Freemont in your guest room and Legend armchair in your bedroom. It is time for you to be creative for your own home.
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