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TASKENT & UZBEK Rattan Cabinet: The Beautiful Cabinets

By: Niezz


If you want to find the stylish rattan cabinet that makes your room more beautiful, you can choose the Taskent and Uzbek rattan cabinet.  The Taskent and Uzbek rattan Cabinet are made from rattan poles, plywood and also rattan webbing to cover the plywood.  The rattan webbing is put very carefully around the cabinet.


The Taskent Cabinet is smaller than the Uzbek Cabinet, because the Taskent is only dividing by two sections, the large storage and the 4 drawers section.  So you can put large item in the storage and smaller item on the drawers section.


And for the Uzbek Cabinet, it is dividing into 3 sections the two on the edge are the large storage and the middle section are for the drawers.  Both of the drawers are having almost same shape and style, but you can choose which one is suitable for your room.


European countries really love these cabinets, because these cabinets are having beautiful but also cheaper than the wooden cabinet.  You can also put something on the cabinet surface, like small television or maybe your photography collections, we bet it will change the storage function into more accents furniture that make your room more beautiful and cheerful.

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