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Taking Care of Your Cane Furniture to make it Last for Generations

Cane furniture traces its roots in India, Indonesia, China, and the Rest of Southeast Asia. There are a lot of manufacturers who have mastered handling the material that’s why they can come up with magnificent design for different home pieces. Cane furniture has reached the homes of the global market, and a lot of people are enjoying its beauty, comfort, and functionality. 

You must remember that cane furniture vary in color and shades. The cane has a natural gloss so it doesn’t really need to be painted. You may also get some creaks when using your furniture but there is no need to worry though since it is tough and will not easily breakdown. 

If you live in the US, UK, or other parts of the Americas and Europe, cane furniture may come a bit pricey in the market. As an investment, you want to maintain your cane furniture so you can enjoy it for a long time.  

Do’s and Don’ts with Cane Furniture 

Here are some practical tips that may come handy if you recently bought your cane furniture: 

Clean your cane furniture with soft, damp cloth. From time to time you can apply polish to keep its gloss at its best. Never use abrasive creams, thinners, and benzene since they can damage the material.  If you have your cane furniture in the conservatory, it is advisable to periodically move them. Make sure that there is equal sun exposure of all sides. Another solution is to use blinds or throw pillows to avoid too much sun exposure of the cane furniture.  When you see development of mildew, you can try to clean it up with soap or bleach. Another home remedy will be to use a few drops of lemon with a soap soaked cloth. Avoid bleach getting in contact with any wood base of your furniture.  Once a year you can wash your cane furniture. Remember to let them dry under the sun.   Cane furniture is relative light, so avoid dragging them across the floor so you will not split the cane. Lifting is the best way to move them around.  Do not store cane furniture in any wet area or where there is high humidity. Molds and mildew might develop and ruin your cane furniture.  If there is a hole on your cane furniture, have it repaired if possible or place cushions over the hole so you can extend the life span of your cane furniture. You can browse the internet so you can learn more on how to properly care for your cane furniture.
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