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St. BARBARA Wicker Living Set: Your Summertime Living Set

By: Niez


Now is time to enjoy the summertime with your family, friends and your beloved one.  The summertime means go out, enjoy the sun and having a goodtime outside with your family and friends.  But sometime we don’t want to go far from home as you want to enjoy the holiday at home.  It means you need some furniture that will make the summertime holiday complete.


St. Barbara wicker living set is one of the summertime holiday furniture, the style is very simple and beautiful, and you can relax, read your news paper, having a cup of coffee and also enjoy the sun.  You can see from the picture in the web that St. Barbara wicker living set is made for you to enjoy the sun.  It can make your garden look very beautiful also, as the style and material is blending with the environment.


The St. Barbara wicker living set is made from wicker that weave tight and very carefully and it makes the weaving look very smooth.  The style of St. Barbara wicker living set is also makes it look very luxurious, all the frame is covered by rattan weaving and the shape of the arm is wing style and makes the living set look glamour.  And it only shown a little wooden leg on the bottom of the chair, but it will not bother the overall look of St. Barbara wicker armchair.  The size of the chair is big and also depth so you can sit on the chair very comfortable because you can sit and lean back on the armchair.  You can choose whether you want to use two armchairs and one 3seater sofa or you want to use loveseat.  You can sit enjoy the sun on your garden or backyard and sit on the cozy chair.


About the color, Rattanland choose honey glaze to match the summertime, the honey glaze can blend very good for wicker living set, as it will make the rattan have natural look and more friendly with the whole environment.  And the foam fabric, you can choose any kind of color, as Rattanland choose the white one, you can choose the lighter color like pale green or yellow to make the summertime into your furniture.  Add the St. Barbara wicker living set as your summertime furniture, it will complete your summertime holiday dream. Rattanlad would like to say enjoy your summer holiday.

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