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Seagrass Furniture is always looking fresh until the end

By: Niez

We always want to improve our furniture models to make our customer happy and making a new trend and idea to make the furniture world exist. Furniture is always follows the trend to make the business alive. We have to be more innovative and always have a new idea to make the customer satisfied. One of the innovations to make the furniture trend is Seagrass furniture.

Seagrass is coming from the wild weed that we can find in the field and savanna, it is having long and sharp leaf. So if you are not taking it very carefully the weed can cut your skin. The weed then dried into the sun and twisted to make it stronger and you can have the material for making seagrass weave. Even we have dried it into the sun, the seagrass color is always looking very fresh and green, because it will not change the green color. That is why many company is always use the natural color for seagrass furniture to make it green and fresh looking.

The green seagrass color is making this material so special. You don’t have to worry it will chipping off or will change the color because of the time. All you need is treat the seagrass with vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. And also the seagrass material is very strong, you don’t have to be worry it will crack like wooden material.

The thin seagrass twisted is making the material very easy to be weave, you can make any kind of weave like you do into the wicker furniture, the example is in California Living set, you can make the weave like square per square, or one on one, or any other weave just like the wicker weave. It is very important to make the innovation in the weave pattern, the weave pattern can make the models are having the differences, like the square pattern to make the large looking in the furniture, or the one on one pattern to make the simple looking.

Because of the seagrass natural color, all you need is the wooden part material and also cushion cover. Play with the wooden part and cushion cover color and you will get the fresh furniture for your home. Seagrass furniture will always making you comfortable, cozy and also looking new every day. So don’t be hesitating to use any seagrass furniture for your furniture in your home.
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