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Seagrass Furniture - Comfortable, Unique, Beautiful and Durable

General consumers may visualize seagrass furniture as a set of tables or chairs made of seaweed or algae. That is not the case though because the latter material is rarely, if not never, used as a material for making chairs, tables, storage and the things that you find exotic in your home. Meanwhile, you can find the former material in many houses, offices or, most possibly, on the front verandah of a tropical beach resort. This material is indeed one of the choices that rattan manufacturers will find to be agreeable for making quality products. General consumers may perceive this material with its other more known term, namely water hyacinth.

The material for making seagrass furniture is found at plenty amounts in tropical countries like Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. If woven right, this material can be transformed into comfortable, unique, beautiful and durable chairs, tables, dining sets, rugs, sofa sets, lampshade, bookcase and many more. Consumers in the western countries like USA or UK who have higher level of environmental awareness include this material in their preference list. Like the other natural materials, this material is also strong and durable. Its natural light green color makes it pleasant for the eyes as well as makes it easier to be blended with the existing décor of average homes. But seagrass furniture can also be shaped in accordance with the classical style and even the modern style. The overall effect for a room that employs this product should be elegant looking, romantic and exotic. In fact, general consumers can feel the atmosphere of the tropical resorts by putting these products at the patio or other spaces in the house. You can imagine that you can put a coffee table made of this material in your terrace and combine it with a rug made from the same material.

When it comes to maintenance, seagrass furniture is also convenient. As a natural fiber, the material will not soak up liquid so it is basically stain resistant. But, when there are any liquid spills on it, it should be cleaned as immediately as possible. This is because the spills can trigger mold formation. If that is what happen, the chair or the table made of this material eventually will be permanently damaged. Regular cleaning is recommended which can be done once every month or once in every two weeks. Stains can be cleaned with sponge or damp cloth and then let it air dry.

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