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ROUNDED Wicker Living Set: Futuristic Vision

By: Niez

Rounded living set is a new living set that Rattanland try to penetrate the market. It is made from rattan and mahogany wood for the frame and also the tapered legs. By using the unique shape and model. Rounded living set is very innovative and fresh to fill your living room or guest room. The shape is very futuristic and unconventional made this style is bringing a new air to your home.

The shape that curve is designing to make someone that sit on comfortable and the cushion design also very cozy to follow the shape of the chair curve. The Coffee table also follow the shape of the chair. It is curve like flower so you can put the glass top on it. It is look so good also if you put the chair on your bedroom, the chair can be use for your bedroom chair with the end table.

Not only that, Rattanland also have the chaise lounge to complete the set. This set will be very beautiful to put in the patio, you can also play with the color for the material and also the cushion cover. The bright color very match if you want to get the futuristic vision, but if you want it to be look minimalist you can use dark color, like black or brown.

The cushion cover color will be good if you choose the bright color as red, yellow, or orange to make it colorful and make your room brighter. But if you want mode ethnics to reduce the futuristic style, you can choose batik style, Batik is traditional painting from Indonesia. So with using Batik, you can get the ethnics style. Batik usually in dark color, but you can ask for bright color.

Rounded Living Set is very new kind of furnitures, it will bring a new fresh look for your home and patio. This model also can be use for bedroom suite. As the shape is very unique, it can be also for a resort near the beach. Don't you want to have a feeling that your home is a resort near the beach.

So start to get more information about Rounded living set from now, Rattanland will be very happy to get your questions. Don't forget to ask about the size and color that you can choose, they will give you all the details and reply your email very soon.


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