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Rattanland Rattan Barstools: Unique, Modern and Cozy Furniture

By: Niez

Barstools are one of the furniture that we can find at our home if you add it at your kitchen or we can find it at the bars or pub. It is a high chair that using to fit the high table that we usually find in the bar table to enjoy the music and drink with our friend and relative.

Barstool is always changing every time, the models and style always having progress follows the trend market. You can find the barstool using plastic with metal, wooden, leather and not forget rattan barstool, Rattanland as one of the best rattan furniture suppliers is having so many barstools from rattan, and combine with many materials to make the variation and style. You can find in the occasional section, you can find Monterey Barstool, Tampa barstool, Bali Barstool, Asmeera Barstool, Manila Barstool, and Mercury Barstool.

All of them are using rattan poles as the frame of the barstool except for the Mercury Barstool, as the frame is using Mahogany wood and the weaving using water hyacinth. The rest of them is using rattan poles as the frame, and for the weaving Rattanland is using many kind of material. For the Monterey Barstool, the weaving is using water hyacinth braided in the backseat, and using fitted seat cushion, the Tampa Barstool is using combination rattan core and wicker for the backseat, same as Monterey Barstool, for the seat is using fitted cushion.

The Asmeera Barstool is very unique as it is using rattan poles as the frame and the plastic for weaving. The weaving is only on the seat, and the seatback is only a binding in the corner of the rattan poles joints. This is unique, because Asmeera Barstool is combining two different materials, both natural and synthetic material.

And the last two are the Bali and Manila Barstools, it is using the rattan poles and combining with rattan core for the backseat. Sometimes for the binding it is using leather but because sometimes it will make the prices higher, you can choose rattan skin or FOC, which is cheaper than leather prices.

These barstools is very unique and having it is own beauty. You can put this barstool at your kitchen or if you have your own dinner place or bars, you can use these beautiful barstools to make your business brighter. Rattanland will try to give the best prices for these collections.
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