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Rattan, Wicker and Bamboo

Rattan is the trunk of a climbing palm that is very long and thin, like
a vine. It grows in the jungles of southeastern Asia to heights of 100
to 300 feet, and rarely grows thicker than 2 inches in diameter. When
rattan is harvested, it is usually cut into 10-20 ft poles, which are
very strong. rattan furniture is made from rattan poles which have been
treated and bound into all kinds of shapes.

Wicker refers to the process used to make the furniture, not the fibers
used. Wicker furniture, therefore may be aged of willow bury, rattan or
any pliable material. Wicker furnishings are made by weaving coarse
fibers loosely together around a frame; a process dating back to early

Bamboo is a bushy plant growing at times as high as 120 feet. Bamboo is
a resistant to moisture and discoloration. Bamboo poles used in
furniture are often hollow and sometimes split into strips for furniture
construction. Bamboo is 13% harder than hard maple. Bamboo eases
environmental concerns. It is self replenish able in 3-7 years, and does
not deplete Earth's resources.
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