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Rattan Furniture - Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Locations

Shopping for new home furniture can be a painstaking process. You may ask yourself over and over what will look best in each particular room, and question how each piece will integrate with your existing décor. Fortunately, there is a particular style of furniture that is appropriate for every room of your home, allowing for seamless integration and endless decorating options.

Wicker is a style of furniture construction that involves tightly weaving pieces of wood or reed. The most common, and long lasting, type of wicker is made of rattan. This tropical vine is both fast growing and sustainable, making it an excellent choice for both financial and environmental reasons. To add to its appeal, it has a natural shine and beauty that rivals even the finest of hard woods.

Wicker rattan is an excellent choice for nearly any room of your home, including the outdoors. Because the vine is farmed in a tropical environment, it can withstand weather that would cause most hardwood to crack or split. Rattan does not warp or swell due to moisture like other woods, and it does not splinter from overuse.

The weather resistant nature of rattan has given it a name as the ideal outdoor furniture material. Its strong nature also lends itself to the perfect indoor item. Just as it won't succumb to rain or sun, it will stand up to rowdy children, partying adults and years of light use. Because it is so lightweight, it can be easily moved from room to room, to accommodate last minute guests or a spur of the moment redecorating idea.

You may worry about purchasing wicker rattan furniture if you have children, but the durable furniture is the perfect candidate for curious little ones. From back porches to living rooms, wicker rattan can be a worry easing furniture choice that won't crack from a child's abuse or leave splinters in little fingers. Cozy couches and traditional rocking chairs, two favorites of small children, are appropriate for most any room, but most notably casual spaces like living rooms and recreation rooms.

If you frequently entertain, rattan is one of the simplest ways to create an elegant, modern look without excessive costs. Rattan furniture can easily be dressed up with colorful cushions or even a fresh coat of paint. By decorating your entertaining rooms with all rattan furniture, your guests will see a seamless transition even with varying colors and styles. A comfortable love seat set in a parlor will match well with a tasteful table and chairs in a conservatory, while giving your guests plenty of room to relax and enjoy themselves.

Rattan's water resistance makes it the perfect mate for your poolside. As an added benefit, since most pools are only in use for a few months each year, rattan pieces can do double duty for the rest of the year on patios or 3 seasons rooms.

These are just a few of the many ways you could use wicker rattan, and with luck you'll find a way to integrate this versatile, environmentally friendly furniture into your home's décor.

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