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Rattan Furniture Export: The Competition is just Begin

By: Niez

Rattan furniture is very popular in many countries, and the demands of rattan furniture never stop until now. And the development of rattan furniture is very fast, everyday there are always new models and styles that will make the new trends, especially when the furniture exhibition on, you can find so many different models and style that always taking your breath away. You can find any cheap and expensive rattan furniture product is same time, as it is always having demand from the market.

Some countries are having competition to get the world market are Indonesia, Philippines and China. China is the main competitor for Indonesian rattan furniture supplier. In the beginning Philippines was having a big part in the rattan furniture business for the world, as Philippines is having so many good designers and they are having so many beautiful models. Philippines rattan furniture style is looking more classical and high end furniture.

But as the time goes by, Indonesia as the main producers for the raw material is taking over the world market and control it, and Philippines is having a hard competitor, because Indonesian rattan furniture is cheaper than Philippines because Indonesia is having their own raw materials from the rattan, seagrass, water hyacinth, and many other materials.

In the new millennium, China as the Asian Economic tiger is trying to get the world market too, and they already taking some of Indonesian and Philippines market for their own. China rattan furniture is growing faster and also always having a trend to follow with, they offer cheap price and high quality and also faster in the production time. If Philippines and Indonesian rattan furniture suppliers are not ready, China supplier will taking over the world market.

Rattanland, as Indonesian rattan furniture supplier is ready to having the competition with China and Philippines, with having a lot of style, the strong internet marketing, and the human resources. As China and Philippines is a strong rattan supplier country, Rattanland want to get part to have the world market, Rattanland will always updated every part of marketing way, the rattan furnitures style and models, and also making a new trend to make the competition of rattan furniture is getting hard.

Rattanland way are the nice and beautiful models, competitive price and also the best service for every customer and also the marketing people is always trying to find a new way to get into new market, so let the competition begin.
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