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Quality Furniture Supplier Thrives with the World Real Estate Recovery

With real estate industry recovery on the way worldwide, and had been amazingly fast accelerated in the last year, furniture industry will also keep on thriving. The demands for quality furniture with reasonable price will grow up to 6 percent which is enough for supplier to maintain order and revenue levels. In fact, data from some supplier association shows that the growth level at 4 percent is enough for suppliers to last for at least two or three years to come. However, there are many factors needs considering in achieving a healthy growth.

One of the most important factors is investment rate. This is greatly influenced by taxation for foreign investment. With a rate of 1.3 percent on the tax, foreign investors find it convenient enough. Nevertheless, 1.5 percent for tax should makes an investor think it all over again. This slight difference shows that however rapid the market growth, if governments do not ease tax laws, the growth presumably will come to almost stop less than three years due to lack of foreign investment. If such is occurred, the typical quality furniture supplier will be the first to send SOS. Higher furniture price makes it difficult to held ground with lower price. Fortunately, the scenario is not all-pervading. Certain countries do ease their taxation laws, such as Vietnam, India and Indonesia. These countries, apparently, showed rather healthy growth last year, recorded 5.1 percent. In fact, an average quality furniture supplier from those countries does not experience even the slightest downturn during the last year. Shipping was fluent enough and revenues added healthier figures for investment rate.

Furthermore, a typical quality furniture supplier in the exporting countries apparently will not have any difficulty in developing more products for more luxurious categories. The convenience in materials supplies, even for the relatively difficult green and recyclable materials, plus easier communication and shipping technology, add to the probability that the higher-market will be stronger in absorbing the products. However, the lure of bigger profit from higher market will not reduced the capacity to meet the demands of the more traditional middle-end consumers. Foreign investments are going to ensure that the safer market should not be neglected. European and Americans real estate market will be increasing their demands for more quality furniture though. The decision is, therefore, not to answer the question whether a supplier needs to supply more or less on quality products.
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