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Promote your Furniture to Improve the Sales

By: Niez

As an importer, wholesales, and retailer, we always want to increase our sales from each of the goods that we have. We don’t want our goods only stay in the warehouse without any order from our clients and customers. Sometimes we wonder why one models sales better than other models. This is one lesson that we learn that one models that has a good sales means that the models is acceptable by your market, maybe because the model is simple, the price is competitive, or it is the trend of the market. And also always promote all the furniture models that you have, you can start with:

Make a Catalog for all your Furniture Models
If you already import the goods from Rattanland, you can ask them to provide the pictures of the furniture to make some catalogs, but if you don’t like with the pictures from Rattanland, and want the professional photos, you can start to make the photos after you get the goods come into your warehouse. A nice photo will make your catalogs more interest to see, example the photos of Living room in the mansion with professional interior designer. And don’t forget to have website or e-catalogs, so your clients and customer will always have access to see what you provide in your store. The website will be very effective to promote your furniture, and you have to update the website at least every month.

Put all the Models that you have in the showroom
Showroom is also having a big part in your promotion, because the clients and customer can choose and see all the models that you have directly. The can feel the material, the can sit and try it, and also they can see the color. Customer and clients also can choose what they want for cushion covers. It will have a good promotion for your collections.

Promotion from your house
Your house can be also your private showroom. You can display some of your collections at your house. Put of some of your collection in your house, you can invite some of your friends and relative to have a party. It will be very effective, and don’t forget to make good interior designs. If you already have good long term relationship with your customer, you can invite them into your house to promote your collections.

Having an Exhibition
If you want a big promotion, you can try exhibition, whether it is only district, regional, or international exhibition. It will be a good promotion for your collection also your company, don’t forget to get more catalogs and card. Exhibition will make your company move a step forward.
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