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Koboo Rattan as New Trend

By: NiEZ

Rattan business will always having new trend to make the business always running very well, now one of innovation to make customer love rattan again is using koboo rattan, a new kind material that having a strong quality and the most thing is that this rattan material is having beautiful color, and the color is gray.

Koboo rattan is one of the latest furniture materials that are very popular nowadays. Maybe you will find a lot of this material in the furniture business now. Koboo rattan become so popular because it is having special characteristic, Koboo rattan is made from rattan skin and having beautiful gray color. This color is made from the soaking process, so after the rattan skin is cutting, the rattan skin will be soaked in the mud to make the gray effect, that is why sometimes you will find mud smell if the furniture is not finished properly.

Koboo rattan is very strong material, you can compare this to other material, as the material is very hard and also the koboo rattan. The benefits to use kobo rattan are you can have strong furniture and also you don’t have to give color finished as it is having beautiful color already. You can cut the finished cost by using this material for your furniture. Rattanland is having so many choices for you to chose for furniture that using this material.

For now, the koboo rattan trend is for dining chair and dining table, but we sure that soon Rattanland will make new kind of furniture for koboo rattan like for the living set, bedroom set and maybe for handicraft, so you will have one range of furniture. In the future, Rattanland believe that koobo rattan will be replaced other rattan materials polularity. To get the more interest to rattan materials and furniture Rattanland will always tried the best to make some innovation so Rattanland can fulfils the customer want and need.

Rattanland also provide the special link for koboo rattan, so you can find a lot of models and style of furniture. Rattanland is also still trying to develop what we will do with kobo rattan, so you as customer will be very easy to find the link, style or models of kubu / koboo rattan furniture. For further informations please contact us or visit our factory in Cirebon, we will glad to have you in our factory and showroom.

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