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KING Dining Set: The Luxury Dining Set with Cheap Price

By: Niez

Do you want to have the lovely and luxury dining set but still have the lower price because your budget can’t afford the high price for luxury dining set? The answer of your dream is will be King Dining set. It is made from wicker and looks very luxury because of the style and color. King Dining Set, the dining set that made of wicker rattan and mahogany wood, the simple style with but still beautiful and looks luxury to put in your dining room. This Dining chair is full of wicker for the weaving and the wood only we can see on the legs part. The color is very antique, because it is using honey glaze for the wicker and also light brown for the wooden part.

The backseat part is design to be high so you can lean your head on it and also the back set is lean back so it will be very comfortable when you sit on it. The weaving is made from wicker with tight weaving and without many accessories so it won’t look cheap at all. You can add the loose cushion into the sear as the seat is fully wicker, so you better put the seat with some bright and nice color like off white or beige color. The thickness is about 5 to 8 mm cushion.

The Table of King Dining Set is very unique too, almost all the surface part is fully mahogany wood, with big table leg that can be put off, and it is the knock down. The wicker part is only some small area on the top of the table and also on each side of the table, so it is looking very luxury. You can put a glass top on the table to protect the wood and wicker part if you put food on it with 5 or 8 mm glass top.

This Dining set is very suitable if you love simple and minimalist concept but also having a classical touch like the dark color and also the models that acceptable for each home. And not forget with the cheap price you can get your budget as for one set it will not cost you over USD 1,000.00. Rattanland is also having two sets of King Dining set in the overstock sale section, so hurry up to get more information about this dining set and get the beautiful dining set and having very cheap price.
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