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Indonesian Rattan Furniture: Bigger, Stronger & Busier

By: Neez


Rattan furniture industry is never sleeping even one second, the rattan furniture industry even getting bigger, stronger and busier.  Rattan furniture export has become one of the most important export commodities from Indonesia to other country.  Indonesian rattan furniture is becoming one of Indonesian identity, for example in Cirebon.  In Cirebon, you can find almost hundreds of rattan furniture companies that you can visit but there are so many choices you have to decide.  You can find the largest rattan furniture company, and also you can find only home industry rattan furniture in Indonesia.


As a country with so many forest and peoples, Indonesia want to introduce to the world that you can find rattan furniture here very easy.  Indonesia rattan furniture is having capability and compatible to make high quality rattan furniture.  Indonesia is not only has good raw materials that really easy to find in Indonesia, but Indonesia is also support by the human resource that having capability to make a good furniture.  Every furniture maker in Indonesia knows how to make and process the best furniture.


In Indonesia, the rattan furniture is hand made, especially there is so many weaving pattern, and models that you can find here.  Indonesia from 2000 was became one of the biggest rattan exporter of the world.  Sometimes importer buys rattan furniture from other country, but when they know about the Indonesian rattan furniture quality they will visit Indonesia place a new order to rattan Furniture Company in Indonesia.  And it is also can be seen on the sales growth in Rattanland that always increasing every year.


Rattanland is already ready with the real rattan is Indonesia campaign, so Rattanland is one of pioneer with internet marketing for rattan furniture industry, Rattanland is introduce the new way to introduce about Indonesian rattan furniture to the whole world, that is why Rattanland website can be find by every people in the world in one click.  You will surprise that Rattanland clients even come from the small country in Pacific. Rattanland is helping Indonesia to make the Indonesian rattan furniture become the most powerful export commodity from Indonesia.  Rattanland support the government to make rattan furniture from Indonesia becoming well known in the whole world, but Rattanland don’t have to make some exhibition in other country, Rattanland introduce rattan furniture with only one click.  Lets support the real rattan furniture is Indonesia and visit Indonesian year 2008.

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