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If We have International Sea Port in Cirebon

By: Niez

Cirebon located in North Coast of Java Island, and having export and import trades since 5 Century. So you must be wonder why Cirebon still has to send the containers to Tanjung Priok Port in Jakarta. Cirebon is so closed with Java Sea, it has it is own port but this port have no proper management from Cirebon government. It is too bad, isn’t it?

If we have our own port, you can imagine how much the cost can be cut from it. We can cut the cost of trucking that cost you almost USD 800.00 per container, and it is not include with so many “policeman cost” and “bad people” in the road along to Jakarta. Indonesia is the land of easy money for this kind of things that we can’t deny it.

With having it own port, Cirebon will be one of biggest city in Indonesia, because Cirebon very active with exporting so many furniture products to the whole worlds. Cirebon is having thousand of furniture company with export oriented, so why government have to wait too long to open International sea port. I am sure Cirebon government will have a lot of benefit from it.

If we have our own sea port, I am sure not only us as exporter that will be very happy. I am sure importer, wholesaler, and retailer that buy our products will be happy too. They will have a very competitive price because there are so many costs that can be cut.

Along this time, for FOB price it cost higher because it having trucking cost, and other cost. And if there is an increasing in oil and gas prices, it will effect to the cost of trucking to Jakarta. From Cirebon to Jakarta, containers taking about 10-12 hours, and if we have port in Cirebon maybe it will only take 30 minutes or maybe one hour. You can save everything from having port in Cirebon, your money and your time. You don’t have to be in a rush to catch the closing time for your shipment. For Rattanland it self, the sea port in Cirebon will be very useful and also have many benefits, such as time, cost and many other aspects.

As customer maybe you never know what exporter problem when they will ship the goods, especially for furniture products. Sometimes we having trouble to find raw materials, the color is not dry yet because of rain season, and other problems. If Cirebon has port, we hope that we can fix that entire problem and get extra time to produce the furniture. Let’s pray and keep trying that Cirebon will have international sea port very soon.(^_^)
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