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How to Shop For Cane Furniture

Among the most popular choices for both outdoor and indoor fixtures and fittings is the cane furniture.  If you are planning to purchase cane furniture, which is very perfect for conservatories, take some time to equip yourself with the following information: 

What is cane furniture? 

Cane furniture basically refers to any furniture which has undergone the process of caning. In furniture manufacturing, caning is defined as the process of weaving chair seats, tablet tops, and other furniture surfaces. The primary material used for canning is the second layer from the bark of the rattan palm. Most of the time, this material is used not only to weave seats. Instead, it is also used for wrapping the joints of furniture pieces.  

To emphasize the elegant yet very natural and oriental style of most wicker furniture, the cane material is often used around a rattan frame. Most canning material has a naturally glossy finish, making it hard to be stained or painted. 

Things you should check before you buy cane furniture 

a. Check the material that was used. Note that while caning material may be available in local craft stores, the best materials only come from the South East Asia, preferably from Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. 

b. Remember that most cane furniture pieces are hand-woven. Note that no two pieces of hand-woven cane furniture will be the same. As such, you will have to examine the accuracy of the weaving pattern along the flat surface and the wraps around the joints regardless of the similarity in the design. Check the splices of the rattan strands as well. 

c. If you are eyeing close woven seats, note that it there are various splints that can be used for your furniture. Among the most common choices are Ash, Oak, Hickory, Binder, Willow Skein, and Flat reed. The strongest and most durable among these is the Hickory splint. However, the materials used for the splint is seasonal.  

d. Examine the surfaces of the furniture, as well as its joints and legs for uneven color shade and pattern. Such may be an indication that the furniture has been exposed to uneven artificial lighting or sunlight. 

e. If the furniture comes with cushions, choose “reflex cushions.” Such types of cushions are made of 100% polyester fiber which allows minimal plumping. They also require minimal maintenance. 

f. Make sure that materials used for the cushions of your cane furniture meets the requirements of the 1988 Fire Safety Regulations. Such will ensure the cushion’s resistance to cigarette and match ignition.

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