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How to Preserve Your Cane Furniture

Regardless of the material that was used in making a piece of furniture, proper maintenance procedures should be observed in order to make sure that it lasts. In the case of cane furniture pieces, durability is among their prime characteristics.  

If you take good care of your cane furniture, such pieces can last for years - even decades. You will also retain their stylish appearance. Moreover, you can save lots of money by avoiding repairs, restorations, and replacements. To take good care of your cane furniture, below are some tips that you ought to consider: 

a. Avoid placing your cane furniture pieces in places where they will receive extreme sun exposure. Make sure that they are also placed away from heating vents and gas or kerosene burners. Note that the natural fibers used for cane will dry out when frequently exposed to heat sources. 

b. If you want to place your cane furniture in your garden, yard, or a conservatory, you should change its location in the area every now and then. Such is recommended so you can make sure that all of its surfaces and areas will receive equal sun exposure. If you can, you should also consider putting cushions on it so as to reduce sun exposure. 

c. Clean the furniture regularly. Dust it often. Occasionally, you may also wipe your cane piece with slightly damp cloth. You may also use furniture oil or wax to polish your cane furniture. Note that you should never use thinners, benzene and other abrasive creams in cleaning your cane piece. 

d. When you want to move your cane furniture pieces, lift it. Keep in mind that dragging the furniture may cause cracks and damage. 

e. Periodically change the position of your furniture and turn the side of your seat cushions as well. This will make sure that your fabric will have even shading even after it has undergone sun fading. 

f. Avoid storing your cane furniture pieces in areas with high humidity. Placing your pieces in places where they cannot get ample air circulation will cause the formation of mildews and molds.  

g. Once or twice a year, soak your cane furniture in a tub full of warm water for no more than five minutes. This will ensure that the fibers in your furniture will maintain their natural moisture. 

h. If mildew and mold starts to form on your furniture, wash it off using a bleach solution in warm, water. Make sure that you rinse your furniture well. After removing the molds, place your furniture outdoors to let t dry. Do not spill concentrated bleach solutions on the wooden frame of your furniture.

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