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Give a Name to your furnitures

By Niez


As an importer, wholesaler, and retailer from other country makes you try to get cheaper but having quality furniture from other country. The whole world already knew that Indonesia is the best rattan furniture manufacturer in the world. Rattanland is one of the supplier that already sent the goods to many countries. You must be visit so many factory before you choose one of the best manufacturer in Indonesia. And you will be very confuse with how many models that you see and maybe you forget the code and only remember with the shape, material, and model..


So the best thing to make you always remember with the collections is to give the furnitures name. The name will be up to you as the owner, Rattanland choose world cities to make the clients and also all the worker remember with the style and model. You can choose name of your family, flowers, famous places, and other names.


Naming your furnitures also give the characteristic of your furnitures. If I said Casablanca, we will remember the living set that using rattan poles and also water hyacinth braided for the weaving. It is a calm design and very cozy living set. And if you want to add more for complete the range you just add the Casablanca dinning set, or Casablanca bedroom set.


If you just put the code, your clients will be hard to remember and also takes time to know the products. You can still use the code as it will be very important into your database, but naming the furniture also very important to give your furniture a soul. The name will be always remind in your head as it will be connect to your products.


Rattanland sometimes use the name of the clients came from, like if you come from Australia and order new model, they will use the city in your country as the name of the products, such as Queensland, Perth, Melbourne, Sidney, and others.


Naming the product will determine your products, it will dramatize your furniture and also will always remember when you hear about it. Start to naming your furniture from now, and let your clients remember what furniture that you are selling to them. I am sure it will be a good advise for you to start the furniture business. If you buy from Rattanland, you can use Rattanland product name to sell it in your country or you have other name to make your own characteristic.


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