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FRESNO Wicker Corner Set: Antique & Unique Style in your Living Room

By: Niez

We always stuck when we face that we are boring with the look of our living room, it is always put sofa, coffee table, end table and also some accessories. Sometimes we want something new, big, unique and antique blending in one model. The answer of your wish is Fresno Living set, the modular set from Rattanland that we can put in the corner and fill the corner hole that we cannot fill with anything,

The design is very unique and antique, Fresno living set is made by fitrit weaving, and only the small legs showed in the bottom of the modular set. The curve on the top of back makes the living set shape is very unique, it is looks like a mountain, and will makes your corner need no more accessories. This corner sofa is knocking down, so you can move Fresno Living set very easy. The back is very low on the center, that’s why Rattanland put only some pillows to make your back comfortable. How many the back pillows to cover the back you can ask to Rattanland, in the picture we only get 3, but you can ask them to add more pillows with additional prices.

The shape of the table is follow the shape of the chair, it is have S curve on the right and left side, and the for the table top, you can put the glass top in 8mm or 10mm thickness with beveled on the edge of the glass top. You can use the shape of the coffee table for the footstool or ottoman, you just add the cushion on the top of it. Because the color of Fresno living set is honey or natural color, you can play with the cushion cover color.

The color of cushion cover, you can try with bright colour, like red, orange, green or many other colors. Rattanland provide so many choices of cushion color and motive, you can ask Rattanland to show you all the cushion cover choice if you come to the factory, because if you only see from the pictures you can’t get the perfect color and motives.

You can put the Fresno living set on your guest room, if you have, or if your guest room is wide open or you can put this living set in the patio and porch. This Fresno Living set is very unique and also very antique. The shape, the style and the models is long lasting, so you can put this living set in many rooms that you have even you have futuristic, antique or minimalist style. Use your imagination to improve your house into a mansion and palace.
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