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CYPRUS Plastic Corner Set: Huge and Minimalist Concept

by: Niez

Do you like minimalist concept? And you have a huge room to fill with minimalist concept furniture but still not making your room feel empty. What you need is Cyprus Plastic Corner set to put in to your room. This Cyprus Plastic Corner Set is having a large in size but have a very elegant design. This Cyprus Plastic Corner set is made by grey plastic, and the frame is from allumunium metal, so it wont rusted. This is latest collections of Rattanland.

And the size is huge to make you comfortable and use the European standard. But if your Asian and want to make the size for Asian size, you can ask Rattanland to make the size suitable for Asian size, and they will give you the suitable size. Cyprus Plastic Corner set is very good if you put it in your living room or in the guest room. And one of the benefit of this corner set is you can put it as outdoor furniture. As it is made from plastic, you don't have to worry with the weather. You just have to treat them right. Just don't put it in the sun directly because it will ruin the color and also, if it get rain, you can just rub it with napkin until it is clean and dry.

Cyprus Corner Set is made to be knock down, so you don't have to be worry with the size if you want to move it into the other room or out door. The cushion is made with big size also, you don't have to be worry it will slip and you also can add more pillows to make it more comfortable. About the color of the cushion you can ask them to give the best color or you can choose your favorite color. About the plastic material color, you can ask Rattanland to make it to be a different color. Please don't forget to ask them to show how many plastic color available.

The minimalist concept of Cyprus corner set is on the shape that look very simple, like a box that using for chair. The corner is look sharp, but don't worry, this is safe and also the weave is very simple too, and also it is fully plastic. The concept is to fulfill the needed for the minimalist lover that wont to have many things in their home but still feel cozy feeling and still have the luxury style.
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