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Creating a Tropical Themed Room with Wicker Furniture

Have you noticed how the tropical look or style is gaining tremendous popularity in the home decorating scene? This could be influenced by some movies, or TV shows or this was brought about by the hype generated by product manufacturers in the hope of maximizing their sales and ROIs. You would often see home improvement magazines featuring a home completely furnished with wicker and rattan furniture pieces. Others would incorporate a rattan lounger here, or accent a room with a set of rattan table and chairs in a breakfast nook. Brightly colored drapes and flowered upholsteries, wall papers with bamboo and exotic orchid designs would further show that the tropical look is one of the hottest trends in home decorating.

Your inordinate liking for the sun drenched beaches of the South Pacific, your hankering for the breeze and the swaying palms may have made you go with the trend of decorating your home with a tropical theme. A tropical themed room will bring the exotic feel of the beach, the woods and the water. Therefore, heavy drapes, wall to wall carpets and formally arranged heavily upholstered furniture have to be replaced. The idea is to achieve a light, airy and lived in atmosphere.

You can accomplish a tropical atmosphere by casually arranging a set of high quality wicker sofa, armchair, loveseat, and glass topped end tables and center table on a colorful woven seagrass mat.

The twist designs of the wicker furniture will be made more eye-catching with floral printed cushions.  If you have chosen earth colored wicker furniture, you can opt for brightly colored lampshades. Another idea is to hang floral printed curtains in jewel tones. The curtain can be made to match the fabric used for the upholstery. Another idea is to use leaf patterns on the curtain if floral pattern is used for the upholstery. This will ensure that the room will not be engulfed with a single pattern. For the dining room, you can use round, square or rectangular wicker dining table. Glass table tops will lend elegance to the setting. To add to the tropical look, you can install a ceiling fan that has a rattan or wicker look. Many fans of this kind are already manufactured and easily available these days. A whirling ceiling fan not only would simulate the sea breeze but enhance the overall appearance of the room as well. This will support the idea of achieving an airy and comfortable room without too much clutter.

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