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Caring for Cane Furniture

The clamor to Go Green gives rise to the popularity of unconventional materials as an alternative to traditional wood. Rattan, cane, wicker, seagrass and abaca are only few of the materials used to make furniture. In the recent past, furniture pieces using these materials are only seen in beach resorts and in tropical themed vacation houses. These days, however, cane sofa sets and side tables, cane dining tables; cane credenza could be seen attractively furnishing a home. Cane tables with matching cane chairs are now commonly seen in offices too. Most people would choose cane furniture over any other kinds because apart from being affordable, these furniture pieces that are innovatively designed would fit most homes and offices. It would not be hard to make these furniture blend with the color scheme of any room. By changing the cover slip of the cushions, a cane sofa set will harmonize with the existing room decoration.

Cane furniture, unlike its wooden, iron and aluminum counter parts would need careful maintenance. To prolong the life of your cane furniture here are some valuable tips:

·         Use a brush with soft bristles to remove accumulated dust and dirt. A mild detergent may be used to remove stains but be sure to rinse the furniture well with warm water. Allow to dry and do not use for at least 48 hours. Wet cane can be easily stretched. This is to make sure that the cane will not be misshapen.

·         Cane furniture must not be exposed to extreme heat and direct sunlight as the cane would dry out and become brittle. Use a furniture polish with high oil content to make the cane suppler.

·         Canes are naturally flexible but continuous usage will eventually make the caned seat sag. You can restore badly stretched cane seat if you turn the chair upside down and spread a wet cloth to the cane seat’s underside. The cane and the cloth will dry naturally. For the tightening process to be effective, do not use the cane seat for 48 hours.

·         Remove mold and mildew by using a bleach solution and warm water. To ensure that mold will not develop, do not store cane furniture in basements and other high humidity areas.

·      A cane chair is designed to receive evenly distributed weight; therefore it should never be used as a step ladder. It is also recommended to use cushions or chair pads as apart from enhancing the looks of a cane seat, the cushion will take the pressure of the user’s weight off the cane strands making the cane seat more durable.
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