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BELIZE Banana Leaf Dining Set & LEYTON Wicker Dining Set

By: Niez:

Belize, the land of sandy beach and lovely view, and Rattanland try to express it into the furniture that will like by peoples. Belize banana leaf dining set is made from mahogany wood for the frame and also the weaving is using the twisted banana leaf that bleached color, so it is having the white to beige color.

The Belize Banana Leaf dining set is very simple in the style and models. It is only using banana leaf as the weaving. The wooden part on the chair you can only find in the small legs of the chair. It will make the bright effect on the chair as the banana leaf is using natural white color.

The Table is very different look with the chair of Belize style. The table of Belize is almost uncovered with banana leaf, so you can find the frame from the mahogany wood and also the small part on the top is covered by banana leaf. The table is can be order in two way, you can ordered in fixed or assembled (knock down), the knock down style will be very easy for you when it is shipped as it will take small space only.

Leyton wicker dining set is having different material with belize banana leaf dining set, the material is using wicker and using the pecan glaze color. It is looking thinner than Belize dining chair because it is using wicker with small fitrit as the material, in Belize banana leaf dining set, you will find bigger size as the banana leaf that use for this dining set is using about 8 or 10mm.

The Dining table for Leyton wicker dining set is Universal Dining table, it is called universal because you can mix and match it with other wicker dining chair that Rattanland have. The shape is round and also knocks down as the shape is like umbrella, so the top can be separate when you move or wrap it. The legs of the chair are like the chicken claw, so you don’t have to be worry it is unstable.

These two models are from the old collection, but both the Belize banana leaf dining set and also the Leyton wicker dining set is always to be the one of the best seller of Rattanland. The style is very antiques and you can put in any kind of home that you have, whether it is modern or antique style.
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