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BAHRAIN Wicker Living Set: Be ready for the uniqueness

BY: Niezz

Bahrain is a nice sunny city in the Middle East, and now Rattanland proudly present the Bahrain wicker living set, a nice sunny living set for your living room.  Bahrain wicker living set is made from mahogany wood for the frame and also a nice artwork wicker for the weaving.  The pattern of the weaving is making the Bahrain wicker living set looking so beautiful and luxury.


The shape with many curves on the arm, back and body of the armchair is reminding us of the magic lamp in the 1001 night tales.   The weaving of the chair is just like paint, and we choose honey glaze for it, and the brown color for the wooden part.  The style is very antique but also very modern, the curve of the chair is using the antique style, but the weaving is very modern just like using the computer paint pattern.


We also put nice soft foam for the seat and the back for the armchair and sofa.  And the uniqueness is can be found also on the table, the coffee table of the Bahrain is using same style of the armchair.  But we put a blank top, and put a glass on to fit in the table, and we also weave the glass frame.  And now be ready for Bahrain wicker living set uniqueness.

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