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LOUSIANA Water Hyacinth&Banana Leaf Living Set: Huge&Luxury Furniture

By: NieZ

Last May Rattanland introduce old style with new performance of living set, and Lousiana water hyacinth & banana leaf living set is one that having a beautiful style with huge size.  As you can see in the web catalog, Rattanland want to show that Lousiana water hyacinth and banana leaf living set will make your living room just like in the hotel lobby.  You can see how the Lousiana living room will change the whole room look with their luxurious style.


The huge size will make your living room look livelier and also the mixing of two materials on the style make the Lousiana living room very special.  The model of Lousiana is very simple with minimalist style.  Rattanland choose the water hyacinth and banana leaf to mix because two of them are blending really well, water hyacinth color is natural light brown and banana leaf color is dark brown makes the weaving in color harmony.


The size of the living set is not only because of the frame size but also the material that using banana leaf and water hyacinth is making the size of the chair and table look bigger too, as the material using about 4-5 mm water hyacinth and banana leaf raw material.  The huge size is also making the Lousiana water hyacinth and banana leaf look stronger and also sophisticated. Just like the other living set that has been released by Rattanland, entire surface is covered by the banana leaf and water hyacinth weaving, and the weaving is not like the wicker that one on one weaving, but it is a big weaving so you can see the difference from the distance. 


This living set can be matched with your carpet, especially the red carpet or brown carpet will blend well on your living room.  Just like the St. Barbara wicker living set, the Lousiana water hyacinth and banana leaf living set is having a good depth that will make you more comfortable and cozy when you sit on the chair.


The coffee table of this living set is also very special, it is huge and large coffee table, and all the table surface is covered by weaving, so it would be good if you put thin glass top about 5 mm to protect the weaving.  And also there is a bonus in the coffee table, as Rattanland make the Lousiana coffee table with the newspaper storage under the table, so you can put your newspaper and magazine after you read them.  You will get more benefit if you choose Lousiana living set as your furniture, it huge, luxurious and beautiful.

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