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LAS PALMAS Croco Rattan Living Set: Beauty in Furniture Suite

By: Niez

Something square, something dark and something beautiful for your home, you can name it Las Palmas Croco Rattan Living Set. It is beautiful and also exotic furniture to be put in your living room and guest room. Las Palmas is very simple living set, it is made from croco rattan that still having skin on the surface. The color is darker, is brown to black color. So if you like the natural dark color, Las Palmas croco rattan living set can be a good choice for your home.

Las Palmas croco rattan living set is cover all by croco rattan, only on the small square legs part that shows the mahogany wood, but the frame is using strong mahogany so you don’t have to be worry that it is not strong furniture. You can add white, beige or darker cushion fabric for this suite, and also don’t forget to add small pillows for the armchair and 3seater sofa to make some accent, and give some buttons in the pillows.

Las Palmas croco rattan living set is can be order in two way, one is in fixed way and the other is in knock down way, both of them is very good and is having it is own benefit. The Las Palmas croco rattan living set in fixed way is very easy when you got it in your ware house or home because you just unwrap the carton paper and you can put it in your home, but it means the price will be higher because when it is sent in to the container, it will take a lot of space, you maybe you just can put only three fourth from the knock down way.

The other way, the Las Palmas in knock down way will taking time while you got it in your warehouse or in your home, as you have to ensemble the chair and tables together or maybe you have to pay someone to put them together, but the price will be cheaper as you will get a lot of chairs and tables as it is put in the boxes and you will get a lot of them in the container.

So now it is your choice to choose what way for the Las Palmas croco rattan living set, this suite is very spectacular that can make your living room or guest room look more wonderful and exotic.
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