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CHESTER Banana Leaf Twisted Living Set: New Kind of Beauty

By: Niez

Beauty comes from the heart, that we always said to mention the beauty. But in the furniture, beauty is come from the design and the shape. Chester banana leaf twisted living set is making a new kind of beauty in Rattanland furniture style. You can call it new kind of beauty in your living room or your guest room.

Rattanland is not only providing the chairs that you can sit but Rattanland is also making something beautiful so it will change the entire room and change your heart to make you calm and happy. Chester is made from mahogany wood frame and you can only see on the small legs part, the entire body of Chester is covered by banana leaf twisted weaving in natural color. The natural color will make your furniture look more environmental and it is blending with the any home with any wall or wallpaper color in your home.

Chester arm is look like a wing that spread and ready to fly and makes it look like a beautiful goose. The back of the Chester chairs are separating from the arm and making it more beautiful. For the foam you can use any color fabric, as natural color is very easily to blend with any color, from the dark color like black or dark chocolate, until pale green to pure white color.

Chester banana leaf banana leaf twisted living set is very suitable to put in your living room and guest room, but not only that you can put the loveseat in your bedroom, especially in the foot of the bed and it will be very beautiful as the Chester banana leaf banana twisted living set is very beautiful from the design and the material chosen from the beginning.

As in the pictures you cannot find the table, you can choose any table in Rattanland collections, the wooden table will be very suitable to match the Chester banana leaf living twisted living set, it will be very simple and safe, because maybe sometimes you put your coffee or candle in the table, so it will be very safe to put it there without damage the banana leaf twisted weaving.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to get a natural beauty that comes from Rattanland, you can choose Chester banana leaf twisted living set, it will bring the natural beauty in your home and change the atmosphere of your living set, it will be natural, cozy, beautiful and beauty comes from the heart as indeed.
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