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ARIZONA Water Hyacinth Living Set: Brownish in your Living Room

By: Neezz

Something yummy in your living room? You can have it very easy, in just one click and you can get it from Rattanland. The Arizona water hyacinth living set will make your living set look very yummy with the brownies look style. The Arizona water hyacinth living set will change your living room yummier. The brownies style of Arizona living set will change your home environment, because it is made from water hyacinth that it will look natural and also give a warm situation but still look nice and cozy.

The Arizona water hyacinth living set is made by rattan poles, and weaving by water hyacinth braided. This chair is having the curves in every edges, like in the back, in the arm side and also on the bottom side. The Arizona water hyacinth living set is very small living set and it is not heavy, so if you have small room to fill, you can choose Arizona living set because of the size and don't forget about the beautiful model. It is contemporary style but it is not a oldies one.

This model is also suitable to put in your garden in the summer time, as you can move the furnitures very easy. The color that suitable for this set is the pecan glaze color, you will get the yummiest brownies color just like the sweet brownies. You can add the seat cushion and also some small pillows to make you sit comfortable. The uniqueness of the Arizona water hyacinth living set is from the curve shape of the chair and table, this cute living set makes the people adores Arizona water hyacinth living set. The Arizona living set is also suitable to put in your terrace, because it was so simple design and still beautiful. Don't forget to put about 5mm glass top to cover the webbing on the top of the coffee table.

And if you having small apartment, you don't have to worry, the Arizona water hyacinth living set will be ready to choose, it will make your small apartment will look yummy and beautiful. The Arizona water hyacinth living set is also having similarity with Monterey style in Rattanland, you can add the Monterey dining set to match with the Arizona living set. Rattanland will help you to give you direction about mix and match your rattan furnitures. Contact us now, and get very special prices from Rattanland.

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